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HELP FOR HOMES Tidy Gnomes Cleaning Services Portland
We are looking forward to supporting you with our loving, eco-friendly and individually tailored and customized service. 


Getting started is one of the most important parts of our work together. No two homes are alike. We start every relationship by setting up a free consultation so that we can get to know you, what you are dreaming of and answer any questions you may have.  

We will clarify your needs and ask you questions. After this, we build your unique client profile so we can know how to best support you. Together we will set up your visit's schedule and an action plan for your space. 

Then each time we visit your home we will accomplish the typical routine for your house unless you leave us a little note or e-mail with the day's specials instructions or requests. That way we’ll know exactly what to focus on, include and exclude.

help you need for your home with Tidy Gnomes cleaning services
Woman organizing clothes in wardrobe, pu

Our services are customizable.

As we build our relationship, we will get to know you and your home better. We can always work to customize specific tasks and requests.
Maybe you don’t want us to worry about the floors and would rather we wash the dishes and clean the top two shelves of the fridge. Maybe you would like us to change your sheets, fold laundry, or empty out the dishwasher. We are always happy to help you get the support that you desire.

Our gnome visits can look many ways:

One-time, weekly, biweekly. monthly, move -in/move-out. If this rhythms don't make sense for what you are looking for, we are also happy to schedule periodic visits.
Just let us know what you are thinking of and we will make a plan together to figure out what fits your needs best. 


  • household cleaning

  • windows and blinds

  • dusting /cobweb removal

  • dishes

  • making the beds

  • laundry

  • cabinets and appliances

  • organizing

  • support with purging


You tell us. We tailor our visits to your specific needs.

Yes, even you can have your house cleaned!


Whether this is a completely new experience for you or you have had plenty of help in the past, we have worked very hard to make our services easy for you to begin, embrace and enjoy! We work with all of our clients to create more ease and joy in their homes.

If you’re ready to experience what gnome love can do for you and your space, please get in touch with us to arrange our first meet and greet and schedule your first visit!

first & one time visit 

This type of visit applies to a space we clean for the first time or if it’s a periodic and not a recurring visit.


We use the same level of attention to detail and thoroughness in all of our visits, the only difference between this visit and recurring gnome visits is that it typically takes more time to remove excess buildup that your space might have accumulated the first time we are there.

Ongoing/Recurring visit 

This type of visit applies to spaces we care for weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly. After we’ve completed your first clean we can follow with maintenance visits for your space. 


These visits are typically shorter and faster since we have already removed accumulated buildup on your first visit and are more familiar with the unique needs of your space. 



 All our visits are tailored to your needs and billed hourly.

First & one-time visits: $75.00/hr 

Recurring visits:

per gnome working

Appointments that are one hour or less are billed at a flat rate of $80.00.

We take pride in the work we do and the relationships we have built within our community.


Our compassionate and reliable services have earned us a trusted reputation that we are committed to maintaining. We guarantee and stand behind our work.

Our hope is for this relationship to be mutually beneficial and for our services to have a positive impact in your life.

Types of visits:
 First and One-time visits
Deep cleans 
Ongoing/Recurring visits
Move in/out cleans
Special occasions
Interested in services in Eugene? Click below for more information and  prices
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