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We are the Tidy Gnomes, a POC/Queer/Women owned cleaning & organizing company in Portland. We provide high quality, detailed and eco-friendly cleaning/household support done with a lot of love and we're looking for a new addition to our close knit team. 


We go around Portland sharing kindness and support. We have found that by connecting with people who we are helping, even when we are cleaning or supporting them while they aren't around, we leave behind sweet thoughts and loving feelings. Each of our clients is doing something they believe in and feel strongly about, whether it is parenting or embarking on a new project, the gnomes are there to support them in defending their happiness. We like to provide a safe and encouraging environment for all of us (co-workers and clients). There is no tolerance for hatefulness or oppressive behavior in our community.

You like doing work that is valuable and appreciated, being active while you work, choosing your own schedule, working in a supportive and safe environment. You thrive in an environment of kindness, trust and accountability. You are comfortable and respectful in intimate settings, self directed, a problem solver and interested in listening to music, podcasts or audiobooks while you work. We celebrate and encourage a culture of diversity, kindness, respect and inclusion. Looking for dedicated and hard-working folks that take pride in what they do and have a sense of personal integrity to join our team of gnomes. 

If you are interested in joining our team & you relate to the description above, please fill out the form below: 

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