It all started with Cecilia and Deana, partners in Gnome-ness. We founded Tidy Gnomes in 2012 in order to create support and community for people who could use a few magical helpers. We believe that with love and kindness, for others and for ourselves,  each of us can make a positive impact in our community and in our own lives. 

 We love our gnome family and treat each other with kindness and respect. Your support allows us the chance to offer a safe place of employment, in-depth training and fair wages. 


We were defending our happiness by creating Tidy Gnomes and hopefully in turn it will help you to defend yours. Our family of Gnomes is ready to support you in all the home-making arts, especially the one most often forgotten in our world of consumerism:


DEANA (she/her) -
It all started when she was a little girl spending time with her 
grandmother. She would ask her if she had her working shoes on and 
they would venture together into the mighty task of rearranging drawers and organizing closets. 
CECILIA (she/her) -
grew up in Ecuador with a big family and a big community. She believes that we can all accomplish more if we help each other out. There is no way to do everything alone. Cecilia likes to make movies and mentors youth to be empowered through filmmaking. She likes farming, traveling back to South America and to remind herself to be brave and grateful. 
MARISA (she/her) -
is our Director of Operations. Although she will probably not visit your home, she will be behind the scenes making sure everything works smoothly for your visit and for all of us gnomes.
CHARLIE (she/her) -
is a 23 year old Libra that has been part of the gnome family for many moons now. She is kind and shares her upbeat energy with ease. She also likes to go on scenic walks with her pup. She loves making beds and spreading love around people’s homes. Furry friends are her weakness and she WILL pet them if you got them.
ALEX (they/them) -
is kind, supportive and cares about their community. Sometimes, they wear many hats. They can be found out cleaning around town but also helping out in the office coordinating and scheduling.
CORALEE (she/her) -
was born and raised in Portland.
In true virgo nature, she has an eye for detail. She is a lover of the natural world who finds joy in tending homes, growing food, preparing medicine and singing to plants.
CHARD (they/them) -
Chard’s life companion is a sweet ginger rescue cat from Texas. They’ve lived and travelled all over the states, but plan on staying put till the seas rise and/or a nearby mountain aggressively erupts. Chard prefers they/them as pronouns
Thank you
our gnome