Your friends and family should be celebrating at the end of the night….not cleaning up

Tidy Gnomes are magical creatures that can assemble, set-up and arrange all the elements you have planned for your special day. Then we will clear and clean it all away when the party’s over. We even offer our hands to those unforeseen, last minute errands and details.


Give your guests and yourselves the gift of being present for this important moment together 

The first time we were asked to bring our magic to a an event was such an unexpected treat. We were used to just cleaning homes and felt excited for this new adventure. 

Allow yourselves the chance to

let go worry free.

Trust that the gnomes will leave the space loved and cared for 


The first event we got to help at was a wedding. We met the couple for tea, they told us about their plans and how just a few gnome hands for transitions and clean up would give them the extra support they needed to let go and enjoy their day assured that everything would be cared for. We had a lovely time and discovered that helping at events is 

something we love doing.

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  • clean up

  • event set up

  • decorating

  • serving

  • transformation of spaces during transitions

  • errands

  • take down (break down and putting away tables, chairs and decorations)


You tell us. We’d love to help if we can!