"I love the feeling of being supported that I get from having the Tidy Gnomes in my life. I love that they are connected to my family not just strangers who come through my house every week. I love that they are self-directed and yet open to suggestion.


At first I was afraid of having my house cleaned. I was afraid it would be too expensive, or that they would do all the wrong things, like clean around everything (instead of under) or use nasty chemical cleaners or that I wouldn’t be able to keep it up. I was also afraid that as they got more efficient at cleaning my house that they would keep charging me the same amount even though it was taking them less time.


I have been pleasantly surprised with the Tidy Gnomes. They are extremely respectful, receptive and impressively sensitive to my needs and concerns.

My family and I run a small Urban Farm & Guesthouse and the help we receive from the Gnomes has dramatically changed our business. We are able to enjoy our guests more and on days we are expecting guests the work is so much lighter. I find it has helped my relationship with my children and spouse as well. They get less nagging and I get the harmony and flow in our home (read: it’s not in complete mayhem all the time despite my constant efforts).


If you have always wanted to have help but have resisted hiring a traditional house cleaner, you will love the Tidy Gnomes!"  - Krista Arias and her family of 4, Tierra Soul Urban Farm & Guesthouse





"The Gnomes have been visiting us for over a year and the evening after they visit is our favorite Every Week.  The house looks amazing and there is no funky chemical smells, just sweet cleanness!  Often I'm home for part of their visit with my kids and they are Amazing with our kids.  Seriously amazing.  


I love that they are happy to help with whatever we need each visit, not just limiting us to the usual toilet cleans. They handle glitter craft explosions and funky fridge spills with ease, all while listening to a three year old wax poetic on pink. Every week I find some special spot they noticed and gave love to, without my even mentioning it.  


They feel more like a helpful family extension than a "cleaning service" (honestly, it feels weird even typing that phrase while thinking of them,) and we list their inclusion in our lives as something we really cherish.  Deana and Ceci are beautiful people and have created a beautiful business!"   - Jac

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