Staying Safe 

We would like to send a big hello to you from all of us at Tidy Gnomes. If you are a current/past client, thank you for trusting us and for welcoming us into your space. If you are interested in our services for the first time, welcome!

To assist in providing a safe service, we have worked with safety and human resources consultants to create safety protocols and systems. These folks are experts in their fields, and we're grateful for their support and commitment to the health and safety of both our gnomes and clients in regards to COVID-19.

We are confident in the processes and procedures we have put in place to continue offering our gnome magic to you. As always, it is our priority that you feel cared for and safe.

With numbers rising we know our collective stress is higher than ever. Fortunately, we are following strict safety protocols and we are grateful to see that they have been so well received.


We have complete confidence that we will be able to continue offering our services with peace of mind.


Thank you for your active choice to support a small local business. Your choice has a profound impact on our lives and we appreciate you immensely. 

As always please feel welcome to reach out with any thoughts or questions. We love to hear from you. 

Some of the things we are doing:

  • Following all state-mandated precautions and general precautions best practices.

  • Assessing potential risks and creating procedures to minimize any possible risk to our gnomes and clients.

  • Limiting our in-person contact with our clients and limiting our in-person contact among our gnomes. 

  • Requiring a pre-visit health questionnaire from our gnomes and our clients to reduce the chance of
    spreading COVID-19. 


  • Asking our clients to isolate or not be home for the duration of our visit. 

  • Frequent hand washing and/or using hand sanitizer 

  • Ensuring that all items are appropriately handled, segregated, and sanitized.

  • Providing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect our gnomes and clients.

  • Using only new or sanitized items at any client’s home.


  • Sanitizing equipment after each use.

The health & safety of your family and our gnomes is of the utmost importance so we appreciate your cooperation in making that happen. We truly appreciate your partnership. Thank you!